Toronto Artist Aadila Munshi

family abstract artAadila Munshi is an abstract artist living in Toronto, Canada. She trained and worked as a criminologist in Cape Town, South Africa before moving to Toronto. Through her abstract paintings, she sets out to express and document her experiences of living and working in a country mangled by political unrest and saturated with violent criminality.

Core Focus and Inspiration in Art

Aadila’s core abstract work continues to focus on and be inspired by juxtaposing themes depicting ruin and restoration, darkness and light, and recovery amid despair. She begins a journey of soul-searching and self-discovery at the start of each painting.

Aadila’s dedicated pursuit of deeper meaning in every painting, albeit exhausting, culminates in vividly coloured, intense pieces of abstract art that stir the senses and evoke myriad emotions in the viewer. All of her work is ultimately influenced and grounded by her core abstract style – whether she is doing an Italian lake landscape, an arabic calligraphy piece or a baby room art commission.

The artist has vast experience with watercolours, however acrylic remains her preferred medium for its great versatility and longevity. Her paintings are incredibly tactile, typified by thick and varied texture. She uses vibrant and bold colour expertly to depict mood and exude temperature as desired. Through expressive knife and brush strokes, her paintings unearth their own movement and come exquisitely alive.


In recent years she has concentrated mainly on commissioned work. Collaboration with numerous clients seeking made-to-order, original art awakened her to a new way of achieving fulfillment. She works very closely with her clients to ensure that their ideas and values are reflected in the completed work, while maintaining her own creative vision and design. The commission process is a warm, collaborative process between the artist and her client resulting in a unique, highly customized and personal piece of original art.

Art Galleries and Juried Shows

Aadila Munshi’s art work has been shown in juried shows and galleries in and around Toronto, including the Distillery District Art Show and One-of-a-Kind Toronto. Her work has been sold in North America, Australia and South Africa.

All paintings are fully copyrighted by the artist Aadila Munshi in accordance with U.S. and Canadian and International Law 2012.

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