Artist Statement

abstract acrylic art polisieI love to paint. I paint to soothe and restore my soul. I paint to express my honesty. I paint to express my complexity. I paint to watch beautiful, bold colours dance to my innermost tune. And I paint because I am truly inspired.

I grew up in South Africa, a beautiful land torn apart by apartheid and its ill-effects. Working as a criminologist in a country mangled by political violence, I could not escape the horrific newspapers, the shocking crime reports and the heedless devaluation of precious human life. I spent my free time painting and exploring my innermost fears, concerns, and complexities around the ideology, practice and effects of apartheid. Visual representations of beauty and vibrant colour began to emerge in my paintings, offering sweet catharsis.

I am deeply moved and inspired by our sometimes crumbling, sometimes dazzling world. I constantly challenge myself to illustrate tainted beauty through expressive colour and form.

The common thread in creating a painting for me is my quest for colour in the face of grey, for life in the face of decay and for calm in the face of distress. As an artist, I can see beauty in everything.